Barber and Dressing Scissors
Hair Care Scissors
Professional Thinning Scissors
Nail & Cutical Scissors
Plastic Handle Scissors
Embroidery Scissors
Fancy and Printed Scissors
House hold and Tailor Scissors
Multi Purpose Scissors
Acrylic Nail Cutters/Corn Cutters
Beauty Kits
Eye Curler
Manicure Implements
Manual Hair Trimmer
Nail & Cutical Nippers
Nail/Foot Files
Razor Stands
Shaving Razor
T.Handle Safety Razor
Pet Grooming Scissors
Pet Grooming Tools
Extracting Forceps
Root Elevator
Orthodontic Instruments
Cotton & Dressing Tweezers
Needle Holder
Crown/Gum Scissors
Rubber Dam Clamp Forceps
Probes & Explorers
Spatulas & Wax Knives
Filling Instruments
Cutting Instruments
Crown Remover & Measuring Tools
Cartridge Syringes & Cases
Impression Tray
Amalgam Guns
Dental Pliers
Bone Curette
Prosthetic Instruments
Hand Piece
Dental Kits
Ophthalmic Sets
Hooks & Retractors
Henderson Intruments
Lab Probes
Lab Tweezer
Ophthalmic Needle Holders
Ophthalmic Forceps
Gynecology Instruments
Bone Chisels Gouges
Bone Cutting Forceps
Bone Levers & Knives
Bone Rangeurs
Special Fixation Plates
Angled Blade Plates
Reconstrucion Plates
Mini Fragment Plates
Spine Fixation Plates
Special Plates
Hip Prosthesis
Wires & Pin
Orthopedic Instrument Sets
Bone Screw Driver
Needle Holders
Forceps. Clamps
Hooks & Retractors
Bone Cutting forceps
Abdominal Sugery, Intestinal
Bone Punches & Rongeurs
Ear Polypus Forceps
Nasal Specula & Vaginal Specula
T.C. Instruments
Intestinal Instruments
Kidney Instruments
Mouth & Tongue
Operating/Surgical Scissors
Oral & Tonsil
Thoracic & Lung Surgery
Towel Holding Forceps
Tracheal Tubes
Haemostatic Forceps
Bone surgery
Dissecting Sets
Dressing & Tissue Forceps
Gall Bladder
Goiter Instruments
Hollow Ware
Balling Guns & Scissors
Bloodless Castrators
Bull Holders
Bull Nose Rings
Barnes Dehornears
Claw & Tooth Cutters
Elastrator Pliers
Foot Rot Shears
Hog Holders
Syringe & Needles
Tatoo Pliers
Animal Tools
Abouts us

Al-Navid Corporation is the Growing Medical instruments Manufacturing Company established in late nineties and now become leading Quality Medical Instruments Manufacturing Company with its Commitments to Excellence.

When you go for Medical Instruments, you can take it easy knowing, we covers all the Beauty Care Instruments, Surgical Instruments, Dental Instruments, Eye Care Instruments, All Sorts of Scissors, Veterinary Instruments,  Orthopedic instruments, Gynaecology Instrument and all sorts of Medical and General Tools.

We believe that our first responsibility is to the Doctors, Nurses and Patients, to Mothers and Fathers and all those who use our Instruments. In meeting their needs every thing we do must be of High Quality.

Having genuine passion of manufacturing precise surgical instruments, we have traveled almost a decade on the road of experience. Our shrewd management, committed and dedicated professionals are elements behind our success story. Standardized manufacturing processes are our main routes to our global recognition.

Our skillful workers are make sure that quality is maintained and each and every step of manufacturing.

We proudly represent all instruments “Made in Pakistan” and strongly committed to full compliance with global human rights and labor standards as related to the manufacturing of all materials used in the production of our products. All instruments are manufactured according to the standardized pattern. Steel used in manufacturing of instruments is pre-tested stainless and conforming to international standards.  We ensure there is no  misstatement that any of our materials or products are made in whole or in part using any Child Labor or forced prison labor.

Customer satisfaction has been our prime desire since our existence.  Our ever-growing satisfied customers are the evidence of our quality-oriented policies.  At Al-Navid Corporation what we value more is the Customer Satisfaction, our Customer Care Department is always seeking to make our Customers feel Great.

Due to above qualities, today Al-Navid Corporation has reached its success, which of course is dedicated to its hard working Employees Marketing and Management expertise.

As an infinite range of Surgical Instruments, Dental Instruments, Eye Care Instruments, Beauty Care Instruments and Scissors,  Veterinary Instruments ,  Orthopedic instruments, Gynaecology Instrument,  we tried to put the most common range in our  goal.  However if some articles are missing or if you require any specific sizing or finishing (Polish, Satin or Sand finish) we will be glad to hear from you in order to manufacture them for you.

Thanks for your time and interest in Al-Navid Corporation We will continue to do the best we can for the years to come.

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